Helping Senior Drivers to be Safe Drivers

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Helping Senior Drivers to be Safe Drivers
Helping Senior Drivers
to be Safe Drivers
U of M Centre on Aging - Spring Research Symposium
Senior Drivers
Growing Population of Seniors
 From 2001-2006 the total number of
drivers in Manitoba grew by 5%
 Each age category of drivers 55 and
older grew in excess of that average
 There are now almost 250,000 drivers in
Manitoba aged 55 years and older
Senior Drivers
Growing Population of Seniors
 The fastest growing age group was
drivers aged 55-64
 The number of drivers in this age group
increased by a staggering 27%
 This is more then five times the average!
Senior Drivers
Collision Trends for Seniors
 Drivers over 55 years of age account for
approx. 30% of all Manitoba Drivers
 These drivers comprise only 17% of all
drivers involved in collisions in 2006
Senior Drivers
Collision Trends for Seniors
 As expected, the cause of collisions
varies greatly as age increases
 Seniors are less likely to be involved in
collisions caused by aggressive driving
 Seniors are over-represented in collisions
caused by poor decision making /
execution of tasks
Senior Drivers
Senior Drivers
Life has been Planned for Cars
 Gil Penalosa, Walk & Bike for Life:
“Over the last 80 years, we have built cities more for
cars’ mobility than children’s happiness. And when
we define our cities around cars, what do we get?
We get more cars.”
 As a result of this focus, many older
drivers fear the loss of their driving
ability and the associated freedom.
Senior Drivers
MPI Road Safety Focus
 Education – provide seniors with the
knowledge and tools to keep them
driving safer, longer
 Awareness – ensure that seniors are
aware of the unique challenges they
face as drivers
Senior Drivers
MPI Road Safety Delivery
 Partnerships – working together with
organizations who share our road
safety concerns
 Presentations – offering our
knowledge of specific issues to
groups throughout the province
Senior Drivers
Manitoba Society of Seniors
 “Safe Driving for Seniors”
 Pilot project with three presentations
already scheduled from May
 Goal is to offer this information
throughout the province through a
network of volunteer presenters
Senior Drivers
Manitoba Society of Seniors
 Two-hour information session,
presented for seniors, by senior
 Focus includes:
- how aging affects driving skills
- medications and driving
- tips for improving your driving
Senior Drivers
Safety Services Manitoba
 “Mature Driver Workshop”
 Planning to pilot this new course
during the 2008 season
 Aimed directly at enhancing the
driving skills and knowledge of
senior drivers
Senior Drivers
Other Driving Presentations
 Provided directly from the Road
Safety office, done on request
 Presentations can cover general
information or something specific,
like winter driving
Senior Drivers
The Road Ahead…
As the population of seniors grows
and driving continues as a way of life,
we will maintain our focus on keeping
all of Manitoba’s drivers as safe as
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